To become a barber in the state of Pennsylvania you will need to complete 1,250 hours of our barber school program. Upon completion you will be able to apply for licensure and take the written and practical barber examination. Martin’s Barber School and faculty are licensed to provide the appropriate training for you to complete your work.

Barber School Coursework

In the table provided below you will see the coursework that you will need to complete to successfully graduate from our program. The coursework includes both theory and practical coursework at Martin’s Barber School. In addition to the coursework listed below, our barber school provides mock board presentations to help you prepare for your Pennsylvania licensure exam. We also invite guests from various backgrounds to speak to students about business planning, marketing, and shop set-up.  If you would like more detailed information on the individual courses you may contact our school and meet with Joe to discuss the program.

Program Costs

Tuition costs will vary and occasionally opportunities for special discounts to the school are awarded. To better understand these opportunities please visit our Martin’s Barber School page on Facebook.

Costs to attend the school include instruction, text books, and student kit (Includes everything you need to begin your barbering career). There are no additional costs beyond the tuition.

Subject Approximate Hours
Honing and stropping 25
Shaving and various uses of the straight razor 240
Haircutting, hairstyling and hairpieces 535
Shampoo and scalp massages 25
Haircoloring< 25
Massaging (facials) 25
Hairwaving or curling (perms), straightening 25
Scalp and skin disease 50
State barber law and rules and regulations 50
Physiology 50
Sterilization and sanitation 50
Hygiene 25
Bacteriology 25
Electricity (ultraviolet, high frequency, infrared, curling irons) 25
Professional ethics and barbershop demeanor 25
Manager-barber instruction, instruments, shop management, orientation and preparation for related examination 50
Total minimum hours required 1,250