About Martin’s Barber School

Why You Should Attend Our Barber School

As with any investment in your future you want to make sure that you are making the right decision. We have compiled a list of items to help you understand why our barber school may be the right choice for you.

  • State Recognized and Approved – Just like any credible school, barber schools are approved to operate by the state. We have fulfilled all of the necessary requirements for the state of Pennsylvania to operate this school and train barbers.
  • Preparation for the State Licensure – At our school we prepare you to sit for your exam. We will help you apply for licensure and coach you through the practical and theory licensing exam. We even hold mock board exams so you are ready. Your success will help ensure our success.
  • Part-Time/Full-Time classes – We have options that suit students with busy and hectic schedules, we provide evening classes for students. Please call our school for availability for evening and part-time classes.
  • Centrally Located – Martin’s Barber school is centrally located in Huntingdon Pennsylvania and it’s a short drive from many of the metropolitan areas such as Altoona or State College.
  • Expert Faculty – Joe has successfully owned and operated a barbershop in central Pennsylvania for many years. He has completed all of the necessary state requirements to teach at the school. Most importantly Joe will teach you the theory and practical work of barbering. He also instructs our student on how to build a clientele, run a barbershop business, and manage a barbershop for success.
  • Real World Experience – As a part of your training, you will be required to complete 1,250 hours of class room and practical work as a barber. Time spent at our barber school is spent cutting hair and providing other barber services under the direction of our faculty. You gain the experience you need to confidently leave our school and set-up your own business or go to work in the industry.
  • Guest Speakers – We often invite guest speakers to our classroom to help you understand how you can create a business and marketing plan for your own barbershop. These speakers may not work in the industry but they provide the business education you will need to get started.

Our Mission for the Barber School

Martin’s Barber School will train men and women in the barbering trade, teaching them the skills necessary to succeed in the modern barber shop. We will hold our students and instructors to a high standard of professionalism. When the students graduate they will have all the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the Pennsylvania state barber exam and start or enter into a barber shop.

Get Started

Interested in additional information about our barber school? Please email or call our school today. We can arrange a time to have you visit the school and complete the application and interview for acceptance into the program.

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