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Become a Barber in as little as 9 months

At Martins Barber School, located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, we prepare students to learn the necessary skills and credentials to begin a career in barbering. Our program for full time students will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to; cut, shape, style and color hair; learn additional grooming techniques such as facials and shaving services, scalp treatments, and more; and we also cover state and federal laws, sanitation, safety and shop practices. All of this can be learned in as little as 9 months.

If you are an individual with busy life commitments you can sign up as a part-time student in our barber school. We offer evening classes and you will learn all of the same skills and techniques as our full-time barber students but may take you up to 14 months to complete the program. That is still less time than it takes most college students to complete their degree programs.

There is A Demand for Barbers

Martin’s Barber School receives calls from barber shops all over the region. These are professional businesses in need of barbers to fill important jobs in their shops or salons. The demand for barbers is high and you will learn a trade that is in demand by consumers.

Not interested in working for anyone else? Many of our barber school students and graduates express a desire to set-up their own barbershops in communities where they live. We can help you become an entrepreneur. We will teach you the important skills for managing your own business; networking and interacting with customers, and how to go about creating a business and marketing plan.

Should I Become a Barber

Barbers are enjoying a resurgence, men are looking for shops that cater to their style and an atmosphere more comfortable for them. If you do not currently visit a barber shop, swing by our school and watch how our clientele interact with the students, see the types of services our students provide, and get to know the barbershop atmosphere.

Students must be 16 years of age and have proof of an 8th grade education. This means you could complete barber school and start your own business right out of high school.

As a barber you should be comfortable with socializing and interacting with people. Barbers tend to be outgoing and a good barber will build a trusting relationship with their clients. You should also be comfortable with standing for a majority of your work day and comfortable with working with your hands.

Barbers enjoy a solid career path, once they have established a list of clientele. Many of our customers who visit the school are former clients from our barber shop in central Pennsylvania. If you feel you meet these basic requirements, then perhaps a careering in barbering is right for you.

Contact Our Barber School Today

Not sure if a career as a barber is right for you? Still have questions about our program or courses? Please feel free to contact us today.

If you would like to begin an application for admittance to our barber school then please download an application.

For more information or to schedule an interview,  please call 1-814-506-9119 or email martinsbarberschool@yahoo.com